VideoWhisper Video Presentation Plugin WordPress, Download, Install

VideoWhisper Video Presentation Plugin WordPress

Implement live video presentation and consultation rooms for moderated, 2 way, few to many, group video conferencing. Sell access to rooms.

VideoWhisper Video Presentation Download Now

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How to Install VideoWhisper Video Presentation Plugin, Manually

  • Before installing this make sure all hosting requirements are met:
  • Install the RTMP application using these instructions:
  • Install plugin from repository or if you manually download it, copy this plugin folder to your wordpress installation in your plugins folder. You should obtain wp-content/plugins/videowhisper-video-presentation . Update from WP backend to latest version.
  • Enable the plugin from WordPress admin area and fill the “Settings”, including rtmp address there.
  • Enable the widget if you want to display active rooms (with number of participants) and Presentation access link.



VideoWhisper Video Presentation Plugin WordPress

VideoWhisper Video Presentation Plugin WordPress

Plugin Not Working?

If any errors or problems with the plug-in then write comments.

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