WP GIF Player Plugin WordPress, Download, Install

WP GIF Player Plugin WordPress

WP GIF Player is an easy to use GIF Player for WordPress. It prevents GIF-files from loading on page load, boosting your page load time.

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How to Install WP GIF Player Plugin, Manually

The installation process.

Upload the plugin to your blog. Click “activate plugin”. That’s it.

  • Start using WP-GIF-Player by adding a GIF via the “Add GIF” button in your editor screen
  • Limit maximum width by changing width=”…” parameter in the shortcode (150 – 600 in steps of 50)

In the settings you can choose whether you like WP GIF Player to create a preview pic for your article.


  • You will have to use the WP standard editor to add gifs to your post
  • If you deactivate or uninstall WP GIF Player, instead of the media, the shortcode [WPGP gif_id=”..” width=”600″] will appear in your posts. To replace shortcodes with your media you will have to edit these posts manually (An automated solution is planed but we can’t guaranteed that it will work on posts created with this version of WP GIf Player).
  • WP GIF Player will not work automatically on your existing gif-posts (you can review them manually)
  • LazyLoad will not work on WP GIF Player preview pictures

** We are still in beta, use at your own risk. **


This plugin comes with a few settings regarding the automatic setting of thumbnails, which you can find in your WP Admin screen
at “Settings -> WP GIF Player”.

You can choose between the following options for your GIF posts:

  • Set no thumbnail at all (e.g. if you don’t display thumbnails in your theme)
  • Set the first frame of the first GIF in your post as the thumbnail (e.g. if you want a still image and not a whole GIF to display as the thumbnail)
  • Set the first GIF in your post as the thumbnail



WP GIF Player Plugin WordPress

WP GIF Player Plugin WordPress

Plugin Not Working?

If any errors or problems with the plug-in then write comments.

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