A Successful Manager

A Successful Manager

In the business world most of the investors begin their business life with a limited capital…

But it depends on the manager if he or she is successful or not , For me I want to see myself 10 years later as one of the most successful managers in the world , I’m following my father’s steps and learning from him how to be a successful manager, so I want to improve my manager’s skills and to expand my business in those 10 years to be the biggest and the most successful business in turkey and to be known by the whole world there are some steps to be a successful manager :

1) Establishing the business on a right and safe bases

2) Help from an outsource elements like (Engineer,accountant)

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3) The availability of adequate capital

4) Looking for a good sources to buy the efficient machines and to bring it to the work place with a logical prices

5) Motivate the effective workers with promotions or money

6) Being as a friend with the staff

7) Encouragement of creativity in the team

8) Give feedback openly

9) Searching for a good market to distribute the production

At the beginning of any work the manager should give all of his time and effort to the work because every business face many difficulties at the beginning .

Therefore the successful manager is supposed to deal with the issues and to correct it to let the business to go on the right way. And in every business there are some competitors we need to be aware of them and to not let them to affect us by following our strategies , skills , and by decreasing the cost of our production

At the end I wish a peaceful world economically, politically and socially


Abdulrahman Aladhami

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