Artsopolis Calendar Plugin WordPress, Download, Install

Artsopolis Calendar Plugin WordPress

Artsopolis Calendar provides a searchable calendar of events for Artsopolis Network member content syndication partners.

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How to Install Artsopolis Calendar Plugin, Manually

  1. Install the Artsopolis plugin either via the plugin directory, or by uploading the files to your server. Use the “Plugins” tab located in the left-side navbar of the Dashboard. Select “Add New” from the “Plugins” tab and enter “Artsopolis” in the Search box. Then click on “Install now” link. After download is complete, click on “Activate Plugin”.

  2. After installing the plugin contact your Artsopolis Network member to obtain a valid API feed URL.

  3. Select “Plugins” > “Artsopolis Calendar” from the left column. On the calendar configuration form enter the event and category feed URLs provided to you by the Artsopolis Network member. Leave the Title and Body Text areas blank on this page.

  4. In the “Artsopolis Calendar slug” field enter the page slug where you will be displaying the calendar. For example: “/calendar/” or “/events/”

  5. Under “Display Settings” you can select the sort order for the event listings and a search bar background color.

  6. In the two logo upload fields you can upload a ‘powered by’ or other type of sponsor logo along with a link. You can position where the logo displays on the main calendar page, as well as the ‘teaser’ widget.

  7. Click “Save Changes.” Once your changes are saved add the following snippet to the calendar page you created: [artsopolis-calendar-plugin fid=#]. Replace “#” with the appropriate ID number from the plugin you created and make sure to include the brackets.

  8. This plugin allows you to add more than one calendar to your website. If you would like to add more than one calendar you will need to set up a separate page and add the same code snippet: [artsopolis-calendar-plugin fid=#]. Replace “#” with the appropriate ID number for any subsequent calendars you create. For example, your first calendar may be [artsopolis-calendar-plugin fid=0]; and then your second calendar may be [artsopolis-calendar-plugin fid=1]. Each one can use a different selection of filters (i.e. one for just Music events and another for just Family-Friendly events).

  9. Other system requirements: *Write permission of goldstar/xml directory is required. *cURL extension is required. *simplexml extension is required. *json extension is required. *openssl extension is required.

  10. You can also add a “teaser” widget to promote 1-15 featured events on the right column of your website. To add the featured event teaser widget, on the main calendar plugin admin configuration form enter the slug of the page you are adding the main Artsopolis plugin to. IMPORTANT: If the slug you enter for the widget does not match the slug of the page you have added the main Artsopolis plugin to the widget will NOT display. For more information about slugs, you may wish to visit this page:

  11. From the main Artsopolis plugin Settings admin form select the “Featured Events” tab to select the specific events you would like to feature in the widget. This tab is located at the top of form next to the “Configuration” tab just above the “Add New Post” field.

  12. Next, select Appearance > Widget from the left column and then drag the “Artsopolis Calendar Teaser” widget to main sidebar position you prefer. Once positioned click to open the widget’s display settings. You should enter a maximum number of events to be featured (between 1 and 15). You may also select various font size and color attributes to customize the widget’s appearance.

  13. Once you have completed the widget’s display settings click “Save”. Please note that the widget will only display those events that have been manually selected and will not auto fill events. So, once all selected featured events have expired, if no other events have been selected, the widget will automatically be suppressed from view.



Artsopolis Calendar Plugin WordPress

Artsopolis Calendar Plugin WordPress

Plugin Not Working?

If any errors or problems with the plug-in then write comments.

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