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Blue Storage for Microsoft Azure allows you to use Azure Storage to host files for your WordPress powered blog.

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How to Install Blue Storage Plugin, Manually

  1. Easiest way to install is using WordPress’ plugin installer. You can also extract to the plugins
    directory after uploading through SFTP or similar means.

  2. Activate the plugin using the “Activate” option for Blue Storage in the plugins list.

  3. In the Azure Portal go to your storage account settings, select “Access Keys”, and copy the “Storage Account Name” and one of the
    “Access Keys” for use.

  4. Copy your account name and access key to the appropriate location on the plugin’s settings page and save.

  5. Either create a new container or choose an existing public container for your files.

  6. (Optional-Recommended!) Check the box that allows Blue Storage to manage all uploads to put them directly in Azure Storage.

  7. (Optional) Do this before any uploads! Add in a CNAME if you are using Azure CDN or something else. See FAQ for more details.

  8. (Optional) Do this before any uploads! Set the caching max-age value for uploads. This is specified in seconds.

  9. (Optional) Use the “Copy To Azure” ability to copy all files not in Azure to your Azure Storage container.


Plugin Not Working?

If any errors or problems with the plug-in then write comments.

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