Cactus Masonry Plus Plugin WordPress, Download, Install

Cactus Masonry Plus Plugin WordPress

Displays a customizable masonry gallery of your posts or WordPress galleries.

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How to Install Cactus Masonry Plus Plugin, Manually

What is Cactus Masonry Plus

Cactus Masonry Plus allows you to build a responsive, efficient, and very highly customizable gallery on your WordPress website. With this plugin you can either build a gallery of your post thumbnails or represent a WordPress gallery from a given post using our masonry layout technology.

This plugin is designed to be lightweight, so it doesn’t unnecessarily slow down your site. As a result, Cactus Masonry Plus is shortcode powered, which means that no inbuilt design menu is available. Instead, we have provided an interactive Shortcode Builder, hosted on our website. So, now we’re slowing down our site, not yours.

Getting Started

Cactus Masonry Plus is powered by shortcodes. Shortcodes are lines of text enclosed within square brackets. Within these brackets, you provide instructions on how the plugin should run. As this can be quite complicated, we have provided a Shortcode Builder to help you generate the shortcode you need, without any of the hard work.

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Simply visit our Shortcode Builder, select the options you want, preview the result, and copy the shortcode back onto your website. You can place your shortcode within any post, page, or anywhere else your theme allows. When you preview the page, you should see a working masonry gallery.

Getting Help

Now, we all run into problems every now and again. You may find a bug in the plugin, have a feature request, or simply get stuck on how to set things up. If you do, check out our Support Forum. Here, you can get all the help you need to build a responsive masonry gallery for your website.


It’s free! Although, if you do like the product, and feel that it is worth it, any donations would be greatly appreciated… no pressure though.



Cactus Masonry Plus Plugin WordPress

Cactus Masonry Plus Plugin WordPress

Plugin Not Working?

If any errors or problems with the plug-in then write comments.

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