CleanPrint Plugin WordPress, Download, Install

CleanPrint Plugin WordPress

CleanPrint – Eco-friendly content output to print, PDF, email, Kindle, Box, Google Drive and Dropbox

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How to Install CleanPrint Plugin, Manually

  1. Log into your WordPress installation as an administrator.
  2. On the navigation on the left hand side, click ‘Plugins’, then ‘Add New’ from the menu.
  3. Enable the CleanPrint plugin.
  4. Visit the CleanPrint Settings page, select the appropriate options and click ‘Save Changes’.

Using Your Own Buttons

If you prefer to use your own text links or buttons you may do so but it does
require a deeper understanding of WordPress administration and HTML. This information can be found in
WordPress documentation found elsewhere:

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  1. Hide the buttons under Button Styles in the CleanPrint Settings page.
  2. Insert a hyperlink into your page as per the example below:
       <a href='.' onClick='WpCpCleanPrintPrintHtml(); return false' title='Print page'>Print</a>       <a href='.' onClick='WpCpCleanPrintSendEmail(); return false' title='Email page'>Email</a>       <a href='.' onClick='WpCpCleanPrintGeneratePdf(); return false' title='PDF page'  >PDF</a>    

Using Shortcode Buttons

  1. Hide the buttons under Button Styles in the CleanPrint Settings page.
  2. Add the shortcode [cleanprint_button] to your theme’s functions.php file (usually at/near the bottom):
add_shortcode('cleanprint_button', 'cleanprint_add_button');
  1. Activate the button(s) in your HTML content, for example to add all 3 buttons:
[cleanprint_button print='true' pdf='true' email='true']



CleanPrint Plugin WordPress

CleanPrint Plugin WordPress

Plugin Not Working?

If any errors or problems with the plug-in then write comments.

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