Contact Form Builder by vCita Plugin WordPress, Download, Install

Contact Form Builder by vCita Plugin WordPress

Contact form builder: create and integrate in minutes, capture more business opportunities and get real time mobile notifications for new leads

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How to Install Contact Form Builder by vCita Plugin, Manually

Contact Form Plugin Installation for WordPress

  1. Connect to WordPress Admin Panel
  2. Click the “Plugins” menu on the left and choose “Add New”.
    Search for “Contact Form by vCita” and install it.
  3. After the contact form plugin installation has completed, click “Activate”.
  4. Click on the new “vCita Contact Form” tab that is now available on your left bar.
  5. Enter an email to which new contact requests and contact form submissions will be sent, and click “OK”
  6. Enter your first name and last name in the pop-up window and click “Submit” and start building your contact form.
  7. Our contact form plugin offers you 3 different widgets. You can add any of the widgets to your wordPress website. For best results – we recommend to add all 3 widgets.

PHP version

vCita Contact form plugin is suitable with PHP version 5.2.17 and up.

Build your contact form

  1. Make sure the “Contact Form” option is switched on and click on “Edit” to start customizing your contact form:.
  2. Set your contact form layout. Select your preferred contact form layout out of the 4 recommended contact form layouts. You can later on change the contact form size using the “Grab Shortcode” option.
  3. If you chose layouts which includes your information, click “Edit name, title and picture” to edit your profile information, and fill the “Test” field
  4. Decide where to place your contact form fields’ labels: you can place them above the text area, to the left of the text area or inside the text area.
  5. Under “Form Fields” tab – edit and add new fields to your contact form. To add a new field, select the field type and click “add”. You can choose which fields are mandatory, edit the label text, change field order and more.
  6. Edit your contact form “Colors & Fonts” – You can select one of vCita’s recommended themes, or create your own theme. You could use the new theme you create for other contact form widgets you’ll use.
  7. You can preview all changes on the right.
  8. Once done, click “Done”.
  9. The contact form will be added to your website as a new Contact page.

Add the contact form to an existing page

  1. The contact form is automatically added to a new “Contact us” page.
  2. To add the contact form to an existing page, click on “Grab Shortcodes” on the main contact form plugin page.
  3. Copy the contact form Shortcode.
  4. Past the contact form shortcode in the desired page.

Add LiveSite to increase lead generation

  1. On the main contact form plugin screen, click “Edit” next to the “LiveSite” label.
  2. Set the “Display settings”. You can set the timing for the LiveSite to display. If you don’t want it to automatically display, uncheck the “Automatically display” box.
  3. LiveSite allows you to offer both contact and scheduling options to your website visitors. If you wish to disable the scheduling options, and offer only “leave message” option, uncheck the “Offer meeting and services” box.
  4. Edit your LiveSite texts. All the texts are editable, so you could perfectly adjust it to your business needs.
  5. Edit the LiveSite Colors & Fonts. You can use an existing Theme out of the Themes list, or create a new one.
  6. When done, click “Done” and make sure that the LiveSite option is “on” on the main plugin page.
  7. If you wish to add the LiveSite to a specific page and not all website pages, please click “Add LiveSite on specific pages” on the editing screen.

Add scheduling options to your contact form

  1. With vCita contact form, you can offer your clients to book time with you- online, right from your contact form
  2. To set your online scheduling preferences – click on the “Scheduling Options” link on the Contact Form plugin main page.
  3. Set your offered services on the new window.
  4. Select contact form layout which includes scheduling buttons.

For manual installation instructions and additional contact form widgets – visit the FAQ section



Contact Form Builder by vCita Plugin WordPress

Contact Form Builder by vCita Plugin WordPress

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