Cr3ativ Carousel Plugin WordPress, Download, Install

Cr3ativ Carousel plugin is taken from a custom post type used to create an easy to use carousel using your content (text, images or links) and display

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How to Install Cr3ativ Carousel Plugin, Manually

Easily add as many carousel items as you’d like by category.

Using the owl script available here – we have created an easy to use plugin based on the content area.

You can include these items by carousel category in a post or page using the short code:

[carousel-loop columns=”3″ category=”logos”]

Above is an example of that short code. We state how many columns we want to display and from what carousel category (which is the slug name of the category (all lower case and spaces are separated by -).

We also provide a widget for this plugin to utilize the same as the short code with the exception of you can tell the carousel how to sort the items and the carousel category is provided by a drop down menu.

For your convenience, the plugin also contains a directory called languages, you will find the mo/po files used for this plugin here.

Here is the demo.

Tags: carousel


Plugin Not Working?

If any errors or problems with the plug-in then write comments.

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