cua-backup-restore Plugin WordPress, Download, Install

A Backup/Restore plugin for MultiSite sites and blogs.

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How to Install cua-backup-restore Plugin, Manually

  1. Logon to WordPress with network administrator credentials;
  2. go to My Sites → Network Admin → Plugins and click “Add New”,
  3. Click “Upload Plugin” and upload the plugin’s ZIP file,
  4. “Network Activate” the CUABR plugin.
  5. then go to the dashboard of any of the blogs ( My Sites → Site listed at the top → Dashboard),
  6. “CUA Backup/Restore” should now be available in the dashboard menu,
  7. Click “CUA Backup/Restore” to see the plugin’s console,
  8. Click “Show Settings Panel” (only the network administrator will see this link) and make
    sure that “path to mysql command”, “path to mysqldump command”, “number of days to
    keep backup sets” and “disk quota for backup files” are set properly.
    The “Suggest” links will check the availability and determine the command paths for your server.
  9. Click the Save button and hide the Settings Panel.
  10. Installation is now complete.


Plugin Not Working?

If any errors or problems with the plug-in then write comments.

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