Fastly Plugin WordPress, Download, Install

Fastly Plugin WordPress

Integrates Fastly with WordPress' publishing tools. Deprecated: use Condé Nast's "Purgely" plugin instead.

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How to Install Fastly Plugin, Manually

You can either install from source (you’re looking at it), or from the WordPress plugin directory.

  1. If you don’t already have it send us a support request asking to have the WordPress feature turned on for your account.
  2. Add a new WordPress config to a Service and set up the path to the WordPress install. Examples:
  3. Deploy the new Version of the Service.
  4. With your API key and the Service id in hand, install the plugin under WordPress.
  5. Set up the Fastly plugin inside your WordPress config panel – you should just have to input the API key and the Service id that you noted in the last step.
  6. That’s it! Everything should just work. :metal: If you have any problems, email us.

Note: you may have to disable other caching plugins like W3TotalCache to avoid getting odd cache behaviour.



Fastly Plugin WordPress

Plugin Not Working?

If any errors or problems with the plug-in then write comments.

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