How to dress to be successful on work?

How to dress to be successful on work?

Probably, you’ve heard about it before. And even thought how to do that.

Following our recommendations, you will finally manage to select a suit for your future lucky career.

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1. Dress for your present job, not for the one you crave for. Imagine: you already have work, and it is a nice position, but you still want promotion. This is a great reason to start dressing yourself according to the profession you want to get. Thus, people will percept you according to your appearance, and if your boss ever asks himself whom to promote, you will be the next in his list.

2. Support rigorous appearance. Of course, it doesn’t mean you should cut your hair short and wear gray suits onlu. Just make your haircut more presentable: put curls away from your face, change bright hair colors for smoother ones. Cover all visible tattoos, put piercing off from your face (if you have it). You don’t have to alter your look dramatically. It will be just an official version of your previous self.

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