How to dress to get ladies’ attention

How to dress to get ladies’ attention

What to wear so that chicks didn’t turn you down and were attracted? The answer is definite. In classic clothes! Jacket, pants, brogues, belt, watches, shirt. And, of course, don’t forget about socks and underwear.

Throw your “street” and “casual” style stuff away! The point is that a man in jacket is always associated with some boss, a high-muck-a-muck… As the result, such look promotes girls’ respect and credence! Either you approach her in casual clothes saying “Hi!”, or do the same, but in a classic suit. Is there any difference? Yes, and it’s huge!

Regular fronts is what most guys wear. Classic fronts are rarely chosen. That’s the ace in your hand! You may pretend to be some big boss, or some cool manager. It’s clear that not all night clubs allow entering in classic suits. But this is the perfect variant for street pick-up!

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A correctly selected career apparel can turn any man into a “solid person” whom all hot chicks want.

It is much easier to wear a classic suit and start a conversation, walking to her with a firm tread. Men in such clothes are rarely brushed off.

Clothes create mood. Thus, a badly dressed person has vicious mood.

Moreover, classic style clothes indicate your social position. You may be an ordinary working man on a factory, but if you wear classis suit, girls will appreciate that! And there won’t be any stupid questions like: “What is your profession?” or “What car do you own?” She sees that you’re dressed nice as ninepence – that’s all. She has faith and huge motivation to get to know you closer.

Here’s an exercise for you. Try to pick-up in your regular clothes for a week, and the next week – wearing a career apparel and worthy watches. Check the results! You will be surprised to find out that chick will give you their phone numbers and arrange dating.

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