Remote Database API Plugin WordPress, Download, Install

Remote Database API Plugin WordPress

Our plugin is the best way to interconnect the Airtable service with WordPress and create a simple mapping interface.

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How to Install Remote Database API Plugin, Manually

Upload the Remote Database API plugin to your wordpress, Activate it, then enter your API key in the settings.

Use [airtable-api] shortcode.

Examples : [airtable-api table-map=”benevoles” template=”map-benevoles”]

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For shortcode templates,
You can create a folder named your-theme/airtable_api/ (in your active theme folder) to process and display the data retrieved with a shortcode from Airtable with our plugin.
This directory must contains all the templates you create and you can call them by the name of the file: TEMPLATENAME.php as shortcode parameter : template=”TEMPLATENAME”.

Within this template file, you can get all the retrieved data with the local variable named : $content_from_api, for example :


$items = $content_from_api;  foreach ( $items as $item ) {     $item_fields = $item['fields']; } 


Have fun!



Remote Database API Plugin WordPress

Remote Database API Plugin WordPress

Plugin Not Working?

If any errors or problems with the plug-in then write comments.

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