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How to Install TK Shortcode Link Plugin, Manually

Create links with a shortcode. Comes in handy in places where HTML tags aren’t allowed and/or keep getting encoded or something.

Basically, just a utility plugin.

Accepts 3 parameters:

  • url
  • target (automatically adds the leading underscore)
  • class


  • [tklink url=””]Just do it[/tklink]
    • Outputs: <a class="tklink" href="">Just do it</a>
  • [tklink url=”” target=”blank”]Open in a new window[/tklink]
    • Outputs: <a class="tklink" href="" target="_blank">Open in a new window</a>
  • [tklink url=”” class=”googlie” target=”parent”]A googglie Google link with parent target[/tklink]
    • Outputs: <a class="googlie" href="" target="_parent">A googglie Google link with parent target</a>

Developers may contribute at


  • All links have a class of tklink added unless you specify your own class per link (see examples above)
  • No styling of tklink or otherwise is added via this plugin.
  • If you don’t know what classes are, you can ignore. It’s for styling (i.e. look and feel).


Plugin Not Working?

If any errors or problems with the plug-in then write comments.

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