US Heat Map Plugin WordPress, Download, Install

US Heat Map Plugin WordPress

A plugin that allows users to easily show a "heat distribution" of data across a usmap.

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How to Install US Heat Map Plugin, Manually

  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/plugin-name directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
  3. Use the [usHeatMap] shortcode and then add two letter (lowercase) abbreviations as parameters. There is no admin screen (everything done by shortcode).
  4. Change the shortcode parameters to suit your need. The list of parametes are shown below with an example value. Colors need to be in the RGB format, exactly as shown (“rgb(x,x,x)”). For text, you can put plain text or any basic html. Further, for the “text_after_clicking” variable, you can specifiy the state variable and the respective count dynamically as $state_name and $state_count.

* initial_state_color=”‘rgb(255,218,185)”
* final_state_color=”rgb(207,83,0)”
* panel_color=”rgb(255,218,185)”
* panel_body_text=”Number of representatives
* panel_footer_text=”Representative statistics
* hover_styles_color=”rgb(0,191,255)”
* text_after_clicking=”There are $state_count representatives in $state_name”

  1. An example of the state parameters is added below. Make sure that parameter names are lowercase, and there is only one space between the end of one parameter value and the start of the next parameter name.
    [usHeatMap panel_color=”rgb(255,218,185)” initial_state_color=”‘rgb(255,218,185)” final_state_color=”rgb(207,83,0)” panel_body_text=”Number of representatives” panel_footer_text=”Representative statistics” hover_styles_color=”rgb(0,191,255)” text_after_clicking=”There are $state_count representatives in $state_name” al=”0″ ak=”0″ as=”0″ az=”0″ ar=”0″ ca=”0″ co=”0″ ct=”0″ de=”0″ dc=”0″ fm=”0″ fl=”0″ ga=”0″ gu=”0″ hi=”0″ id=”0″ il=”0″ in=”0″ ia=”0″ ks=”0″ ky=”0″ la=”0″ me=”0″ mh=”0″ md=”0″ ma=”0″ mi=”0″ mn=”0″ ms=”0″ mo=”0″ mt=”0″ ne=”0″ nv=”0″ nh=”0″ nj=”0″ nm=”0″ ny=”0″ nc=”0″ nd=”0″ mp=”0″ oh=”0″ ok=”0″ or=”0″ pw=”0″ pa=”0″ pr=”0″ ri=”0″ sc=”0″ sd=”0″ tn=”0″ tx=”1″ ut=”0″ vt=”0″ vi=”0″ va=”0″ wa=”0″ wv=”0″ wi=”0″ wy=”0″]



US Heat Map Plugin WordPress

Plugin Not Working?

If any errors or problems with the plug-in then write comments.

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