WebRTC IP Grabber & Logger (STUN VPNs) Plugin WordPress, Download, Install

Log WebRTC IP STUN Requests of your visitors to a txt file. May reveal a visitor's real IP behind a VPN and internal IP addresses.

This plugin w

WebRTC IP Grabber & Logger (STUN VPNs) Download Now

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How to Install WebRTC IP Grabber & Logger (STUN VPNs) Plugin, Manually

This plugin will make a STUN request every time a page is loaded and capture more information that traditional analytics will. It may also reveal internal IP addresses of visitors, including when they are using VPN services.

  1. Extract the zip file and just drop the contents in the wp-content/plugins/ directory of your WordPress installation and then activate the Plugin from Plugins page.
  2. Activate the plugin in your WordPress admin panel. “WebRTC IP Logger” will be added to the bottom of your wordpress admin directory.
  3. Press generate random file name (utilizes wp-generate-password) and press save changes.

Plugin Not Working?

If any errors or problems with the plug-in then write comments.

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