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Extensively configurable plugin packed with a bunch of features enabling media tagging, search and media taxonomy.

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How to Install WP MediaTagger Plugin, Manually

To install the WP MediaTagger plugin just follow this simple 10-step recipe.

CAUTION : if upgrading from WP ImageTagger, backup your database, taking care to include the table wp_term_relationships_img and deactivate the ImageTagger plugin from the extensions administration page before activating WP MediaTagger (CRITICAL !). Refer to instructions at page bottom.

  1. Download the plugin and expand it to an empty directory of your local disk drive.
  2. Copy the local wp-mediatagger folder created by the unzipper onto your server plugins folder (wp-content/plugins/). Make sure you end up with all the PHP files, readme.txt and screenshots in wp-content/plugins/wp-mediatagger directory.
  3. Login into the WordPress administration area and click on the Plugins left menu. Expand the Installed view.
  4. Locate the MediaTagger plugin and click on the Activate link.
  5. Make sure your blog already holds posts or pages with medias (medias or any other WordPress media).
  6. Make sure you already created a list of tags for your blog.
  7. Start associating your blog medias with any tag of your blog. Two methods for this purpose :

    • From your WordPress administration panel, go to Settings > MediaTagger and start associating the first media found to any tag in the Tag Editor
    • Or, still from the MediaTagger administration area, switch to the Image Explorer mode, navigate to the file you want to tag and click on the file to select it back to the Tag Editor
    • Or, assuming your site display captions below each media : from any post or page holding medias, click on the media caption (being administrator) and make the association with any tag from the Tag Editor panel.
  8. Prepare a result page to present the search results :

    • Create a new page (or use existing one if you want).
    • From your WordPress editor, enter the MediaTagger shortcode : [mediatagger] – There are options you will learn later, but this simple form is perfect for a quick start.
    • Check the result on the page containing this call.
    • Start playing with the options offered in the MediaTagger admin panel.
  9. By default your search page is the same as your result page. You can also choose to activate the MediaTagger widget to integrate an media search tagcloud in your sidebar, or to manage the search page at a different address for a specific use.

  10. Go ! And if you like it, why not proceeding with a small donation?

If you are interested in seeing the plugin in action, you might wish to go and have a look here.

More information on this plugin utilization can be found there.

Finally, if you have any questions, please refer to the FAQ bottom page, section – section Damned, my question is not listed there.

That’s all for today – Enjoy !

If you are upgrading from WP ImageTagger :

The tagging made on images will be preserved IF you follow these simple instructions:

  1. BACKUP YOUR DATABASE, TAKING CARE TO INCLUDE THE wp_term_relationships_img TABLE – in case something turns wrong during the upgrade.

  2. Deactivate ImageTagger plugin from the extensions administration page – OTHERWISE YOU RISK TO LOOSE THE TAGGING ALREADY DONE.

  3. Install and activate MediaTagger plugin

  4. On your result page : replace the shortcode [imagetagger] by [mediatagger], keeping the same options if you use some

  5. If you were using the ImageTagger widget : go to Appearance > Widgets ; reposition the MediaTagger widget in the sidebar, all the settings formerly made for the ImageTagger plugin will be automatically restored.

  6. You can de-install the WP ImageTagger plugin from the Extensions interface.


Plugin Not Working?

If any errors or problems with the plug-in then write comments.

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