Alpine PhotoTile for Instagram Plugin WordPress, Download, Install

Simple, stylish, and compact plugin for displaying Instagram photos in a sidebar, post, or page.

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How to Install Alpine PhotoTile for Instagram Plugin, Manually

Plugin Installation

  1. Go to the Plugins->Add New section of the Admin Panel.
  2. Either search for “Alpine PhotoTile for Instagram” or upload the alpine-photo-tile-for-instagram folder using the upload tool.
  3. Go to the Plugins->Installed Plugins and activate the plugin.

Add a User

  1. Instagram is quite protective of its users. Before your WordPress website can retrieve images from Instagram, you must authorize your WordPress site to access your Instagram account. On the Plugins->Installed Plugins page, click on “Add User” under “Alpine PhotoTile for Instagram”. You will be directed to one of the Instagram plugin’s “Add Instagram User” page.
  2. Follow the directions on the “Add User” page to add and save a user to the plugin. I have included the directions here for reference:
  3. Before starting, go to and make sure you are logged into the account you wish to add. Once you are logged into Instagram, visit the Instagram Developer page.
  4. Once on the Instagram website, click on the “Manage Clients” link. If this is the first time you are adding an app or plugin, Instagram will ask you a few questions. Enter the answers, click “Sign Up”, and then click “Manage Clients” again.
  5. Register your WordPress site by click the “Register a New Client” button.
  6. Fill in the “Register new OAuth Client” form with the infomation shown on the plugin’s “Add User” page and click “Register”:
  7. The “Instagram Developer” page will shown a Client ID and Client Secret. Enter the Client ID and Client Secret into the form and click “Add and Authorize New User”. You will then be directed to an Instagram page where you can finish the authorization.

Using the Widget

  1. Use the widget like any other widget. Go to Appearance->Widgets in the left menu. Find the rectangle labeled “Alpine PhotoTile”. Click and drag the rectangle to one of the sidebar containers on the right.
  2. Customize Alpine PhotoTile plugin based on your preference.

Using the Shortcode

  1. A shortcode is a line of texted used for loading plugins within WordPress pages or posts. Rather than explaining how to setup the shortcode, I have added a tool to the Alpine PhotoTile plugin that generates the shortcode for you. Visit the “Shortcode Generator” on the plugin’s settings page (Settings->AlpineTile: Instagram->Shortcode Generator).


Plugin Not Working?

If any errors or problems with the plug-in then write comments.

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