WP Notes Widget Plugin WordPress, Download, Install

WP Notes Widget Plugin WordPress

Display important, short, time sensitive text and media in a 'sticky note' style. Auto Tweet your notes.

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How to Install WP Notes Widget Plugin, Manually

  1. Download plugin from WordPress plugin repository
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress (upon activiation some sample notes will be created)
  3. On the main WordPress admin menu, go to ‘Notes’
  4. You can either leave the sample notes published or move them to the trash.
  5. Create/replace/adjust the available notes to your needs (similar to creating pages or posts).
  6. Go to ‘Appearance > Widgets’ in the WordPress Admin (after logging in)
  7. Select ‘WP Notes Widget’ from the selection of available widgets. Drag it to your desired widget area.
  8. Configure the look of the WP Notes Widget to your needs.

The following points explains the settings available on the widget administration page:

Display date when note was published

Displays the date when the note was published. If desired, this date can be changed even after the note is published.

I will use my own CSS styles for WP Notes Widget

If you intend to use your own CSS styles, choose this option (for advanced users).

Use my theme’s widget wrapper for WP Notes Widget

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Select this option if you would like to use the generic wrapper your theme uses for all widgets, in a given widget area. Depending on what the widget wrapper does (adds padding, margins, borders, etc) WP Notes Widget may or may not look better with this option checked. Experiment and see what looks best with your theme. Be sure to test at different screen widths.

Hide WP Notes Widget if there are no published notes available

This option prevents WP Notes Widget from displaying entirely if there are no notes to display. Alternatively, a generic note with the text “There are no notes to display right now.” will be displayed when this option is not activated.

Use individual “sticky notes” for each note

This option separates out each note into it’s own individual “sticky note”. Take a look at the screen shots for a visual example.

Enable social sharing of notes

This option creates a “tweet” link below the note. It allows users to easily share the content of your note on their Twitter account.

Do not force uppercase letters

Depending on the selected font, it may be desired to not force uppercase letters for your note text since it looks better visually.

Setting up Automatic Posting to Twitter

In order to set up automatic posting your Twitter account, you will need to set up a couple things:

  • A Twitter account that has been authenticated with your mobile phone number
  • A new Twitter application with read and write permissions

For more information on setting up a Twitter App check out apps.twitter.com.

Once you have the appropriate credentials, you can follow the instructions on any Note page in your WordPress admin.



WP Notes Widget Plugin WordPress

WP Notes Widget Plugin WordPress

Plugin Not Working?

If any errors or problems with the plug-in then write comments.

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