How should a woman dress for a B2B meeting?

How should a woman dress for a B2B meeting?

Today, the choice of apparel impacts your career dramatically. You may ignore the rules of street style, but dress-code is obligatory for everyone, regardless of salary and position.

Women are not supposed to show their femininity and shape off on work, but you may be phat and miscellaneous every day.

1. Refuse from dark suits making you pale and unimpressive.

Actually, light color figure-flattering apparel look more appropriate for a B2B meeting, allowing you standing out of the crowd. You should raise the sympathy or the person you are talking to. That is why you should visit a store selling classic suits and choose the brightest variant. Mind that light color suits are recommended to be worn during warm seasons, including spring and fall. Avoid the combination of black and red, it looks gloomy. If you have a low-key suit, a colorful scarf or shoes will add to the image.

2. No diamonds – they are not suitable for negotiations. Many women strive to highlight their great revenue even on labor time. But if you wear earrings or rings with diamonds and gems, you may be misunderstood.

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3. Apparel for negotiations should not combine more than two colors. This is the golden rule that must be followed; otherwise, you will look foolish and kitsch. The best variant is the combination of black and white, so shun to wear lots of colors. The same rule applies to accessories: for instance, a cream-colored suit with a white blouse should not be complemented with blue shoes or a black bag. Try to gather up the accessories in one color palette, so that they looked harmonically.

4. No pimpish haircuts, and not unnatural coloring of your hair. That is too much for business negotiations. In this very case, your primary goal is to leave a positive impression, and rainbow-colored locks and yellow blond may only spoil your image, misleading people about your professional abilities. Make a handsome bun or a horsetail, that would be well-judged.

5. No high-heel shoes on business negotiations. Women loving high heels often wear such shoes on business appointments. But, as the result, business partners associate unsteadiness of shoes with such professional skills. If you still wear high heels, choose the models that made your walk feminine, but easy.

6. Make-up for business meetings shouldn’t be too bright. Better prefer classic daytime make-up in beige colors. You can also highlight your eyes with light pearly pink eyeshadows – that will make you look fresher. Don’t apply bright lipstick, because that will make the whole image too flamboyant. Brush the eyebrows, make their shape more accurate, so that your face looked fresh and well tended. Accentuate your eyes and don’t forget to make skin tone ideal with the help of foundation cream and light mineral powder.

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